Helping you understand and engage in the circular economy with fashion and apparel.

Ethical fashion is an umbrella term that encompasses responsible sourcing, manufacturing, retailing, purchasing and ultimately great design of the clothes and accessories we love to wear. With over a decade of experience working in the industry I work with individuals, schools, businesses and organisations to help them weave the principles of ethical fashion into their projects, events and lives.

What is Ethical fashion?  Also known as eco fashion, it actively addresses the unacceptable exploitation of workers and natural resources by promoting Fair Trade, stewardship design and transparent procurement polices. It’s fashion that supports the triple bottom line and the circular economy.


Schools and colleges: Teaching the principles of sustainable fashion through story telling.  We work with all age groups to design and deliver creative workshops and lectures that support your academic programme.  Workshops will aim to educate and inspire change.

Staff Communication Training:  Be prepared – with your customers becoming more aware of sustainable issues and asking more questions about products and services in fashion, we work with your in-house CSR/supply teams to develop a training plan for your staff so they are equipped to deal with customer queries front of house and on-line.

Project/Event management: No matter how small or big your project or event, with established networks and operational knowledge we’ll help you drive your projects/events to become more efficient, effective and market led.  We’ll put you in contact with the right networks, help you deliver your project on time and give you creative input when you need it.

Wardrobe management: As a qualified style and colour consultant, I work to edit and update your wardrobe by sourcing collections that have a sustainable ethos, giving you peace of mind that what you wear is both luxurious and an embodiment of your ethics. From bespoke designs to pre-made collections this service gives your wardrobe a new and unique definition.