We help research, evaluate opportunities and give guidance on brand, product and project development. From communications, design, trend forecasting  to establishing new markets and networks, we can work with you to bring commercial success to projects.

NGOs and Charities
Development projects often focus on producing commercial products (jewellery, accessories and apparel) providing fair incomes and prospects for growth.We understand that delivering commercial products with a competitive edge can be a challenge especially as global trends are in constant fluctuation.

SMEs,  Start-Ups, Industry, Designers, Business, NGO
Starting or developing a brand, communications, developing merchandising to eco credentials, connecting to markets and evaluating procurement policies can be challenging.   With a view to delivering eco-brands and products to market we work to expand networks and introduce alternative resources.

Media, workshops and lectures
We work with media organisations and campaigns to develop inspiring projects and workshops to raise awareness about eco solutions in fashion.